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Meevsu VS Deeyoon: who wins? (Let the arguments begin!)

Yesterday, I read a couple articles about a new platform of live video debates. It’s called Deeyoon. The articles are very well written but I wish they had compared it with Meevsu, a similar but much advanced debate platform.

Let’s take the article published on Digitaltrends as an example: “Can Deeyoon video debates turn flame wars into civilized conversation?" The answer is NO! I invite you to watch the Canseco debate and see happening exactly the opposite. A comment posted at Techcrunch article explains what happened: “a shouting match between two people who talk over each other while calling other names.”

I would strongly suggest the authors of the articles to take a look at Meevsu is, today, the only platform capable of turning a video chat discussion into a serious, organized and structured debate. Why can I assure that? Because on Meevsu, the system automatically changes the turn of each side and while one person talks the other listens. The rounds and time limits can be previously set by debaters, so they fit the specific needs of different discussions. The voting format lets the audience votes twice - once before the debate, and once during the debate - and with this feature the platform is able to capture people’s pre-judgments and how well debaters can pursue their audience to change sides. In addition, Meevsu has the authentication on user voting which protects the result of debate from trolls and bots.

Last but not least, you should know another false fact about Deeyoon: they are definitely NOT the first real-time video debate platform.

André Volkmer
CEO - Meevsu

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